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Edge Insight CTS 2

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Quick Overview

The Only Gauge Display You'll Ever Need!

As far as gauges go, this unit is the most compact and comprehensive piece we've found. It allows users to set up a personalized gauge screen based on the feedback they want to see.

The user can have as many as 8 gauges (or as few as 3) displaying real time data from the OBD2 port at once. Here's a short list of the gauges we commonly use.  There are many more available to choose from.


-Exhaust Gas Temperature (Probe Sold Seperately)


-Gear Indicator and Torque Converter Lockup Status

-Vehicle Speed (Corrected for larger tires if appropriate)

-Fuel Rail Pressure (Desired and Actual)

- Engine Coolant Temperature

-DPF Soot Accumulation and Regen Status

-0-60  and Quarter mile Tests

*The CTS is also available on '01-'05 trucks to use in conjunction with our DSP5 tuning and pre-programmed ECM's to switch between tunes on-the-fly.  This eliminates the need to wire a DSP5 switch. Includes: Edge CTS2 color touch screen module -OBD2-CTS cable -Suction cup mount for windshield

Availability: In stock


Availability: In stock