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Get the Competitive Edge!

Take advantage of our extensive experience to maximize your high performance build. Large single turbos, big twin sets, 100% injectors, dual fuelers... Trust us to balance your power goals with reliability in a tuning package that'll put a grin on your face every time you take it out. Street or Track Duramaxtuner: ACE For The Win!

The ACE is geared toward heavily modified trucks.  These builds require special attention to maximize tuning, and a personal level of service that is proud to deliver.  Take advantage of our years of experience and troubleshooting!  

The SPADE system is the first hardware to ship pre-loaded with tunes of this caliber. No emailing, laptops, or learning curves needed. The SPADE may also be used to run diagnostics and log data for analysis. Logged data may be emailed to for changes and troubleshooting, review or analysis. Updated tuning files can be emailed, making the SPADE field upgradeable.

The Ace comes with five tunes you select.  We highly recommend calling and speaking to a member of our helpful team to decide which tunes best fit your modifications and usage.  

Adding transmission tuning is generally recommended on trucks with larger than factory turbochargers or used in a competitve atmosphere such as sled pulling or drag racing. 

*This product includes: DSP5 tuning engine tuning for heavily modified vehicles, SPADE tool, OBD2 and USB cord, DSP5 switch, and installation hardware.

Please use ALL UPPERCASE letters & numbers
example: Stock, 285/75R16, 33 inch, etc.
Stock or Built
Intake tube where MAF sensor is located, next to air filter or air box
Ex: Optimized Stock
Ex: Heavy Tow over 8000lbs
Ex: Light Tow under 8000lbs
Ex: Optimized Street Tune
Ex: HOT Race Tune