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DT LML Twin Turbo Kit (2015-2016)

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DT LML Twin Kit

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Quick Overview LML Twin Turbo Kit

If you think street-able, clean, stealthy power is cool than this is the twin turbo kit is for you!  We teamed up with WCFab and went all out engineering this LML Twin Turbo kit.

  • 650 RWHP Peak Power potential with Stock Injectors

  • Validated Significantly Longer than factory regen intervals (lower soot acculation) 

  • Fits 2015-2016 LML 

  • Design accomodates all factory exhaust 

  • Features Borg Warner SXE369 as primary turbo

  • Stainless steel mid pipe with powder coated coldside piping and coolant tank

  • High quality fasteners and clamps designed to match factory quality

  • Amazing Spool-Up and torque delivery at any RPM

  • Zero smoke and no extra noise (save for a little turbo whistle)

  • Great for Towing and Fun to Drive

Our LML twin kit was designed and engineered in conjunction with Wehrli Custom Fab.  The kit was built to provide an OEM level fit and finish.  The kit allows LML owners to run power levels up to 650 RWHP without compromising driveability, reliability, emissions system performance, or ride comfort.  This kit is a favorite amongst the Duramaxtuner and WCfab staff for the way it effortlessly delivers mountains of torque without any extra noise, smoke, or less refined attributes of the diesel performance aftermarket.  We've put 40K miles on this kit towing heavy, running grades, racing, running in bad weather and at altitude.  The truck hasn't skipped a beat.  The drivers prefer it because after 4 hours on the highway its still quiet and cruises contently in overdrive.  

If you're operating this kit at 520 RWHP or less you can simply install this kit, tune the truck and go.  Regen intervals will be longer than stock, and you can run the maximum effort tune under most any operating condition.  There's enough air to keep the engine cool indefinately.  

Running the kit at 650RWHP we reccommend transmission upgrades, a 10 bar MAP sensor, 10mm CP4 high pressure pump, and a 2700 bar Fuel pressure sensor.  We've found this is the useable limit of the stock injector.  

We have a lot of experience driving, tuninig and testing this kit.  If you have any questions about it's performance or installation, please call.  We're happy to help! 

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1 x DT 15-16 LML Twin Turbo Piping Kit   +$3,374.80

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