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VVT Stealth 67G2 Turbo

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Stealth 67G2 VVT

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  • Stealth 67G2 VVT

Quick Overview

800HP, Drop-In, VVT Stealth 67G2


Building this line of Stealth's meant designing a turbo that would be safe to tow with, fun to drive every day and perform at competitions.  If you think street-able, clean, stock-appearing power is cool than this is the turbo for you!  We left no stone un-turned when engineering the VVT Stealth 67G2.

  • 800 HP Peak Power

  • True Garrett Casting

  • Quick Spool-Up

  • Stock Appearing

  • Use-able Horsepower

  • Dyno Proven

  • Fits 2004.5-2010 Duramax with no extra installation kit

  • Largest VVT Turbine on the market

  • Highest flowing VVT turbine assembly on the market

  • Custom Vanes & Unison Ring

Our custom built 67.7 compressor wheel is specifically designed to maximize peak power.  To fit that wheel we developed a unique, OEM appearing, 1-of-a-kind compressor cover.  This compressor assembly also meant diving into the details of every other part in the turbo.  The backing plate had to be specifically designed to work with our wheel and cover setup.  The new center section is fitted with a 360 degree thrust bearing to increase reliability.  Even the exhasut ports are machined to maximize air flow.

With the all new compressor side and center section put together a turbine wheel and exhaust housing upgrades had to be made.  The VVT Stealth 67G2 features the largest turbine available in any VVT (Variable Vane Turbo).  This dramatically reduces drive pressure.  Helping you achieve as close to a 1:1 ratio between drive and boost pressure. Which not only helps make more power but also manages EGT's.  We also engineered new Vanes and a custom Unison Ring to makes sure you get the most drive-ability and power from this turbo.

Availability: In stock

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