Jack - SPADE - CSP5 Tuning - 2006-2009

Jack - SPADE - CSP5 Tuning - 2006-2009

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King - SPADE - CSP5 Tuning - 2006-2009

300 rwhp to 425 rwhp in less than a second. The Jack is designed for 2006-2009 Cummins with a Stock Transmission and a Stock Turbo Charger.

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V3 AutoCal
King - SPADE - CSP5 Tuning - 2006-2009

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    Calibrated Power's SPADE King offers the best in tuning calibrations for your stock 5.9L Cummins. We use EFILive tuning software and years of tuning experience to make sure your truck runs like no other. Our CSP tunes allow you to switch your tunes on the fly! No more stopping to switch tunes or waiting for tunes to load. You can change tunes while driving your truck. Purchase the CSP switch and all you will have to do to change tunes is turn a knob! It's as easy as changing your radio station. Imagine, going from 300 rwhp to 500 rwhp with the turn of a knob!

    Our CSP tunes come in two packages: Tow and Performance. Our tow package is for customers looking to get the most out of there work trucks and are not interested in pushing the limits of their stock system. Don't get us wrong, the Sport Economy and Race tune will put you back in your seat, but will also deliver the best fuel economy we have to offer. The tunes included in this package are: 1. Optimized Stock, 2. Heavy Tow (+40 rwhp), 3. Light Tow (+60 rwhp), 4. Sport Econ (+80rwhp), 5. Race (+100rwhp)

    Our Performance package is for customers who spend their weekends looking to embarrass anyone who thinks an 8,000 lbs. truck can't move off the line. If the Race tune isn't enough for you, and you want an ace in the hole our Race + tune will push your stock trans to the ragged edge. The tunes included in this package are: 1. Optimized Stock, 2. Light Tow (+60 rwhp), 3. Sport Econ (+80 rwhp), 4. Race (+100 rwhp), 5. Race + (+125 rwhp).


    Product Includes: SPADE (V3 AutoCal) tuning device, OBD2 and USB cables, King CSP tune, and Stock Tune.

    *V3 AutoCal currently not in stock, expected shipping by end of June 2020

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