Stealth RX41 + HD Grid Heater Hold Down Bundle for the Roxor

Stealth RX41 + HD Grid Heater Hold Down Bundle for the Roxor

5 Custom Engine Tunes & HD Grid Heater Hold Down Bundle for the Mahindra Roxor

Upgrade Your Adventure with Roxor Tuning and the HD Grid Heater Hold Down

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- Go from 52 Wheel Horsepower to 115+ Wheel Horsepower 

- The only place to go for SWITCH-ON-THE-FLY Tuning 

- Designed and Validated by Diesel Tuning professionals (10 yrs in business)

- Supported by enthusiasts who know the platform and answer the phone (815-568-7920, go ahead - call us and see)

The Mahindra Roxor is a rugged UTV with a boxed frame, steel body, 4WD, 5-speed manual transmission and a turbocharged, 2.5L 4 cylinder diesel engine. The factory-published spec sheet puts this diesel-powered side-by-side at 62 HP and 144 ft-lbs of torque.  Our Dyno shows about 52HP at the rear tires. While that's plenty of power for cruising pastures, the platform supports much more power and fun! Our Tuned ECM Exchange allows you to access the untapped power that this engine, transmission, and drive-line are capable of.

Our custom tuning can bring your off-roader up from 52RWHP to over 120 RWHP. This is a MASSIVE +120% power upgrade and will drastically improve your driving experience!  The tune can also raise the road speed governor to a speed of your choice, windshield highly recommended over 45mph. 

All tuning and calibration work is done in house at CPS.  We've got 10+ years of experience in performance diesel calibration work.  Tune files aren't farmed out or tested on customer vehicles.  If you have a question about what to expect from your Roxor or need assistance down the road you can count us for answers.  Our tuning strategy focuses on smooth power delivery, minimal smoke output, and maximum efficiency.  This approach maximizes hard part reliability, gets you the best fuel efficiency, and keeps you operating in stealth. 

This extra power makes this little diesel into an off-road beast. With added horsepower comes the added torque.  The 120 RWHP Extreme Tune we measured 245 ft-lbs of torque which make this UTV a dirt flinging, rock climbing, general off-roading, Beast!  The same tune, when used in conjunction with our boost increase valve, makes a maximum boost of 17psi.  


We can now program 5 Custom Tune Files on your ECM and provide a 5 position rotary dial switch to change your power level on the fly.  That means you can adjust the power up or down with just the turn of a dial.  ($75 switch & $65 Boost Increase Valve Required).  

    1. Stock (52 HP & 95 ft-lbs)
    2. Tow (65 HP & 140 ft-lbs)
    3. Sport (80 HP & 140 ft-lbs)
    4. Race (105 HP & 200 ft-lbs)
    5. Extreme (120 HP & 245 ft-lbs)

Order and Installations Process:

    • Complete your order online.
    • Remove your stock ECM
    • Mail your stock ECM & Order Confirmation to; Calibrated Power, 455 Borden St, Woodstock IL, 60098
    • We will send back a tuned and ready to install ECM
    • Install your ECM, Switch and Boost Increase Valve. Then Buckle Up and Start Your Mission!

Heavy Duty Grid Heater Hold-Down for the Mahindra Roxor

The stock grid heater found in the 2.5L diesel-powered Mahindra Roxor has a critical problem. Boost leaks commonly develop on the bottom side of where the grid heater is mounted.  This causes a loss of power, increased smoke output, higher Exhaust Gas Temperatures, sluggish throttle response, and other problems. 

Calibrated Power's HD Grid Heater Hold-Down completely resolves this problem! Our custom grid heater mount is engineered to apply the highest possible clamping power and comes with upgraded O-rings and gaskets to ensure you never have a boost leak. 

The billet, CNC'd base fits with the stock intake connection or an RX-Intercooler Kit. We strongly recommend this upgrade if you are considering a turbo upgrade such as our Stealth RX41.  Most reasonably mechanically inclined customers can install this part within an hour. 


  • HD Grid Heater Base (bolts-in below the grid heater)
  • T-Bolt Clamps
  • Gasket
  • Mounting Bolt



Prop 65WARNING: Cancer & Reproductive Harm -

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