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DT550 - Built Transmission

Built Allison Transmission!

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DT550 Built Transmission
DT550 - Built Transmission

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    The DT550 built transmission is designed for 2001-2016 Duramax owners that use their trucks regularly.  Great for those that tow heavy or just want a more reliable Allison 100 transmission. Our relentless testing of this pre-built Allison transmission means you don't have to worry about getting where you are going.  

    Our rigid standards for excellence are not limited to just overall strength, this setup is meant for the daily drivers.  No harsh shifting or banging of gears.  Just smooth, positive shifts and an easy converter lock-up.

    Everything you need can be included in 1 simple purchase. Your DT550 Built Transmission will come with New/Upgraded clutches and steels, electronics, sensors, valve body, and torque converter, ready to be installed. We will even help arrange roundtrip shipping.  

    Take your '01-'05 Allison to another level by adding a sixth gear!


    • Custom TCM tuning for your specific truck
    • Double Overdrive = 14% RPM reduction
    • All new valve body, wiring harness, and solenoids
    • Lowered road noise
    • Gear indicator works on Edge CTS monitor
    • Works with high idle, retrofit tap shifters

    Improve your LB7 or LLY's reliability by utilizing our in-house designed and tested kit coupled with our established transmission tuning. We calibrate firmness and timing of shifts, so you’ll be guaranteed to feel the smoothness and better shift quality missing on the 5 speed Allison. 

    In addition to helping keep your truck on the road longer, something you will notice is the added bump in fuel economy. This is especially true for those of us logging long commutes via highway. Fewer RPMs, the better your fuel economy. You’ll also notice how much quieter your ride will be when adding our kit to your truck. NVH (Noise, vibration, and harshness) will decrease drastically, giving you a much more enjoyable ride. 

    The DT550 Built Transmission includes:

    • C1 - C4 Raybestos GPZ Clutches 
    • C5 Raybestos Clutches 
    • New Neutral Safety Switch
    • New Speed Sensors
    • All new electronics
    • Upgraded valve body
    • Goerend Billet Torque Converter
    • Pre-Built and ready to install

    Optional Upgrades:

    • 6 Speed Conversion Kit for 2001-2005 models
    • C-3 Oiler
    • Deep Pan
    • EFILive Tuning