DT550 Built Transmission

LBZ (2006-2007) DT550 - Built Transmission With Torque Converter

DT550 Built Transmission

LML (2011-2016) DT550 - Built Transmission With Torque Converter

LB7 (2001-2004) 6 Speed DT550 - Built Transmission With Torque Converter

The 6 Speed LB7 (2001-2004) DT550 Built Transmission by Duramaxtuner.com is specifically designed for the 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004 Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra Duramax Trucks. Great for those that daily drive their truck, tow frequently or just want a more reliable Allison 1000 transmission. You won’t experience harsh shifting or banging of gears.  Just smooth, positive shifts and an easy converter lock-up. 

Your DT550 Built Transmission will come with New/Upgraded clutches and steels, electronics, sensors, valve body, return springs, and torque converter, ready to be installed. We will even help arrange roundtrip shipping. Generally, there is no lead time for the DT550 however you can expect to wait up to two weeks in cases where inventory is low. 

As low as $6,525.00

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Customize LB7 (2001-2004) 6 Speed DT550 - Built Transmission With Torque Converter
DT550 (2001 - 2004 LB7)   + $5,000.00
6 Speed Conversion Kit Upgrade   + $1,175.00
TCM Core (AL5)   + $350.00

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DT550 Built Transmission
LB7 (2001-2004) 6 Speed DT550 - Built Transmission With Torque Converter

In stock



    This Pre-Built DT550 Built Transmission includes:

    • Upgraded Clutches
      • C1 - C4 Raybestos GPZ Clutches 
      • C5 Raybestos Clutches 
      • Improved clutch torque capacity 
      • High heat resistance
      • Smooth engagements
      • Maximized reliability
      • Better durability than stock
      • Made in the USA

    • Extra Clutches 
      • DT550 has added clutches for stronger clutch holding capacity
      • The factory Allison has 12 C1 clutches. The DT550 has 16
      • The factory Allison has 6 C2 clutches. The DT550 has 7
      • The factory Allison has 4 C3 clutches. The DT550 has 6
      • The factory Allison has 5 C4 clutches. The DT550 has 6

    • All New Electronics
      • New Neutral Safety Switch
      • New Speed Sensors
      • All OEM Electronics and Sensors
      • No risk of corrosion, shorts, and bad connectors.
      • Trouble free operation
      • Provides long-term reliable performance we can stand behind

    • Upgraded Valve Body
      • TransGo shift kit with Mike L. upgraded shift springs 
      • Provides quicker, crisper shifts 
      • Upgraded 6 speed valve body
      • Brand new solenoids

    • Upgraded C3/C4 Return Springs
      • Stronger and more durable design 
      • More dependable clutch pack release 
      • Improves shift speed and quality  

    • Upgraded Billet Torque Converter
      • Totally Custom for the DT550
      • Goerend Billet Triple Disc (Stock has one disk)
      • Designed to rotate smoother when coupled 
      • Forged front cover and clutch pistons
      • Insures torque converter clutch lock up 
      • Superior strength to stock
      • Smooth consistent lock-up
      • 1800 - 1900 RPM Stall Speed
      • Perfect stall speed for towing and daily driving
      • Provides reliability for increased power levels

    • Upgraded Transmission Case
      • Pre-drilled to accept C3 Oiler upgrade (Even if not selected)
      • Easily upgradable in the future
      • Upgraded Line Pressure Spring 
      • Upgraded TransGo lock-up valve 
      • Increases line pressure for stronger clutch holding force

    • 6 Speed Conversion Kit 
      • Custom TCM tuning for your specific truck
      • Double Overdrive = 14% RPM reduction
      • Lowered road noise
      • Less vibration
      • Better fuel economy 
      • Gear indicator works on Edge CTS monitor
      • Works with high idle, retrofit tap shifters
      • You save $300 when bundled with a transmission

    Optional Upgrades:

    • C-3 Oiler
      • Increased lubrication of clutches
      • Improves overall longevity and reliability

    • Deep Pan
      • Increases fluid capacity
      • Cleaner, Cooler fluid



    • Aren’t looking to upgrade your injectors and CP3 down the road
    • Might consider an upgraded turbo
    • Mainly daily drive your truck or use it for work
    • Tow light to medium loads frequently 
    • Have a high mileage or worn-out transmission
    • Are experiencing limp mode
    • Currently have P0700 codes
    • Experiencing other mechanical issues with your stock trans
    • Quality and Reliability are your top priority
    • Want something made in the USA
    • Value a warranty with unlimited miles in the 1st year


    The 6 Speed LB7 (2001-2004) DT550 Built Transmission by Duramaxtuner.com is specifically designed for the 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004 Chevy Silverado and GMS Sierra Duramax Trucks. 


    * Prop 65WARNING: Cancer & Reproductive Harm - P65Warnings.ca.gov