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5.9 Twin Turbo Kit

Horsepower made easy! Our twin turbo kit supplies you with all of the necessary parts to compound turbocharge your 06-07 5.9L Cummins. Using our twin turbo design sacrifices abs

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5.9 Twin Turbo
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5.9 Twin Turbo Piping - Raw   + $2,195.00
Turbo Charger - S475 T6 1.15 Cast   + $999.00

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5.9 Twin Turbo Kit
5.9 Twin Turbo Kit

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    Absolutely nothing in the way of spool-up while supplying the engine with enough extra air to reach 775RWHP when provoked*.

    This kit really shines when hooked to a trailer. There's little to no chance of pushing EGTs out of the safe zone at legal speed regardless of the trailer weight. We've run our twin turbo test truck at 25K GVWR while doubling the factory horsepower output and were still able to keep EGT's under 1200 degrees. More safe power at temperatures means more than just a grin on your face, it means better towing mileage too. You'll be able to avoid leaving overdrive while towing because you'll have plenty of cool air to roll into the throttle without worrying about EGTs.

    Power delivery is instant. There's no turbo lag, no extra smoke (unless you want it), and no constantly looking at your EGT gauge. Boost reports immediately causing the truck rise with a whoosh of confidence as soon as you ask for it. Overall power output with this kit depends widely based on fuel supply. We've tested it to 550 cool clean horsepower on a stock pump/injector setup using our tuning, and pushed as far 750HP with bigger injectors and upgraded pump- again with our tuning. With the larger injectors and pump we've run our test truck as fast as 11.50@120MPH in the quarter mile. This was done in a full weight quad-cab truck on 35 inch tires! This setup has the potential to embarrass Vipers when set to kill.

    Because we take your results seriously, we supply our SPADE series custom tuning with every twin turbo kit. Tuning with our SPADE gives you the piece of mind that the engine calibration was designed in conjunction with the parts combination by professionals with state-of-the-art equipment. You will not find a more well rounded, results driven twin turbo package anywhere.

    *Please call befor placing an order 815-568-7922

    ** Additional engine and transmission modifications may be necessary depending on your target power level and usage