L5P / L5D Stealth STR Turbo (2017-2019)

L5P / L5D Stealth STR Turbo (2017-2019)

L5P / L5D  Stealth STR Turbo W/ Actuator (2020-2023)

L5P / L5D Stealth STR Turbo W/ Actuator (2020-2023)

L5P / L5D Stealth STR Turbo (2020-2023)

  • Proven to support up to 625 RWHP with stock emissions

  • Gain +50hp without any tuning installed on the vehicle

  • Works great with box tuners, custom tuning, or without tuning

  • Lower average EGTs and better overall EGT control
  • Built to last with more durable components

  • Lighter rotating assembly than stock
  • Lightning fast spool-up and immediate throttle response

  • Loud turbo whistle from 9-blade turbine

  • Zero surge even when towing heavy loads

  • Brand New Parts - No core charges


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Do you have a 2017, 2018, or 2019 L5P or L5D Duramax? Check out our (2017-2019) HERE!

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L5P / L5D Stealth STR Turbo (2020-2023)
L5P / L5D Stealth STR Turbo (2020-2023)

In stock




    There's nothing better than upgrading your parts instead of just replacing them. That's why the Stealth STR is the perfect upgrade for your 2020, 2021, 2022, or 2023 Chevy Silverado/ GMC Sierra 2500/3500 L5P and L5D Duramax. It combines the affordability of a stock turbo replacement with some of the best upgrades you can get in a drop-in L5P or L5D turbocharger. Whether you’re looking for more power or simply a do-it-all kind of turbo with some added durability the STR delivers.



    63mm Air Grabber Compressor Wheel

    • Air flow to support 625rwhp (dynojet) with emissions in-tact
    • 7-blade design provides higher airflow than stock
    • 63mm sizing for peak weight to efficiency optimization
    • Lighter wheel design provides unmatched spool-up
    • Recessed "Super Back" design provides added weight reduction
    • Featuring the latest advancements in compressor wheel design
    • Air Grabber technology for even more additional airflow
    • Made out of aerospace-grade billet aluminum
    • Peak boost of 40+psi


    65mm High Flow Inconel Turbine Wheel

    • 65mm exducer compared to 62.5mm Stock
    • Noticeable turbo whistle
    • 9-blade design provides higher flow and lower EGTs under load
    • Excellent boost to drive pressure ratio
    • Better durability than stock


    Rotating Assembly (Compressor and Turbine Wheels)

    • 6% lighter than the stock rotating assembly
    • Provides lightning fast spool-up
    • Boosts turbo efficiency and lowers drive pressures
    • Precision balanced in-house


    Ported Exhaust Housing

    • Larger exhaust port opening to match larger turbine
    • Better exhaust gas flow post-turbine
    • Less back pressure


    Stealth Turbo Benefits

    • Absolutely no core charges
    • Brand new parts and accessories
    • Brand new actuators available
    • 1-year warranty on all of our turbos
    • Extended warranties available
    • Live on-site customer support team here to help

    This turbo is a great fit if you...

    • Have reliability and performance as your top priorities
    • Want immediate response and great daily drivability
    • Have a Box Tuner or Custom Tuning installed on your truck
    • Want to make 625+rwhp or less
    • Tow with your truck often
    • Have a completely stock truck (this turbo does not require tuning)
    • Need a new replacement turbo for your L5P


    All Stealth Series turbos are covered by our Unlimited Mile, 1-year manufacturer warranty for quality and craftsmanship. For warranty inquiries and specifics please email us at sales@duramaxtuner.com



    Do you need an Actuator?

    If you're wondering whether or not you should buy an actuator to go along your new Stealth Turbo, here's what you should know. The 2017-2023 6.6L Duramax turbo actuator has a very low failure rate in the field. The fact that it's well-cooled and not with-in close proximity to any hot parts like the turbo means that it's out of harm's way.  Unless you're experiencing codes that indicate actuator issues or know for a fact that your actuator is somehow damaged, we would suggest saving your money and retaining your factory actuator. 

    Do you need a new actuator? Check out our L5P/L5D Stealth STR with an actuator HERE!


    Add on a Stealth Boost Tester!

    Boost leaks can kill diesel engines! They cause higher EGTs, decrease your power, and lower fuel economy. Properly being able to test your entire charged air system is essential to getting peak performance and longevity out of your diesel engine. This boost tester is exactly what you need if you want to easily and effectively check the condition of your engine's charge system. Here's what it comes with:

    • Heavy Duty Stealth Regulator
      • Extremely Accurate
      • Testes Entire Charge system
      • Precise control over test conditions
      • Easy to use and read
      • Premium parts built to last for a lifetime
      • High-quality seals used in every fitting
      • Liquid gauge prevents erratic readings
      • Metal construction
    • CNC Precision-Cut Adapter For Your Specific Make and Model
      • Perfect Fitment
      • Easy to use
      • Clean look and intelligent design
      • Made from high-quality materials 
      • Designed, made and assembled in the USA


    View The Vehicle Emissions Testing Report: Click Here

    The L5P / L5D Stealth STR Turbo by Duramaxtuner.com is specifically designed for the 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023 Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra 2500, 3500, 4500, 5500 and 6500 models.  It replaces OEM Part #s 12709701044, 11547786, 12683985, 12689094

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