L5P / L5D Stealth Mach 2 67 Turbo W/ Actuator (2017- 2019)

L5P / L5D Stealth Mach 2 67 Turbo W/ Actuator (2017- 2019)

HP Tuners MPVI3

HP Tuners MPVI3

L5P / L5D Stealth Mach 2 67 Turbo W/ Actuator (2020-2023)

Upgrade your turbo today! The L5P Stealth 67G2 is the best drop-in turbo ever bolted to the 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023 6.6L L5P Duramax. While capable of providing enough airflow to support up to 800 RWHP this stock-appearing unit still lights quickly and is great for daily driving, towing, and maximum performance.

This turbocharger features HFV technology! HFV or High Flow Vane technology is our proprietary customization of the variable vane cage and nozzle ring assembly. This advancement allows the use of a larger turbine wheel for maximum high-load efficiency. Stealth turbos featuring our HFV upgrade are capable of producing more power, spooling up quicker, and managing EGTs better than those limited with factory nozzle rings.

Your truck is going to experience increased performance across a wide operating range due to our HFV assembly, oversized turbine wheel, and billet compressor wheel. Built from brand new parts, this turbocharger won’t require a core charge. The optional actuator is pre-calibrated and the entire turbo comes ready for installation. Custom tuning is required to run this turbocharger on your truck and specific min/max vane positions are required (check bottom of this page). Deletes are not required. We have made up to 650 RWHP when matching this turbo with our Custom Emissions Equipped Tuning.  

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Do you have a 2017 or 2019 L5P or L5D Duramax? Check out our Stealth 67G2 for your truck HERE!

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L5P / L5D Stealth Mach 2 67 Turbo W/ Actuator (2020-2023)
L5P / L5D Stealth Mach 2 67 Turbo W/ Actuator (2020-2023)

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    L5P / L5D Stealth 67G2: Featuring HFV (High Flow Vane) Technology

    • Airflow to support 800HP
      • Up to 650 RWHP with stock emissions equipment and basic supporting mods
      • Tested in competition setups with extensive supporting mods to make 800+ RWHP
    • HFV (High Flow Vane) Technology
      • Custom Vane/Nozzle Ring Assembly
      • Exclusive design produced in-house specific to this application
      • Taller and wider vanes match larger turbine to provide superior high-load efficiency
      • Retain factory exhaust brake and quicker throttle response
    • Custom Billet Compressor Wheel
      • 67mm 11-Blade custom wheel
      • Provides a wide efficiency range
      • Lightweight and high strength
      • Provides 81 lbs/min mass airflow compared to 60lbs/min stock
    • Oversized Custom Turbine Wheel
      • Low drive pressures at high load
      • Efficiency improved to better control EGT
      • 10 blade design produces a distinctive exhaust sound
    • Brand New parts and electronics
      • No Core Charges

    This Turbo is Designed for you if ...

    • Already have, or also installing custom tuning
    • Daily drive your truck
    • Have Reliability and Performance as top priorities
    • Tow with your truck
    • Want More Power when you need it, but still have excellent street manners!

    Do you need an Actuator?

     If you're wondering whether or not you should buy an actuator to compliment your Stealth turbo, allow us to share our thoughts.  The L5P actuator has a very low failure rate in the field.  The fact that it's well-cooled and not in close proximity to the hot parts of the turbo means that it's out of harm's way.  Unless you're experiencing codes that indicate actuator issues or know for a fact that your actuator is somehow damaged, we would suggest saving your money and retaining your factory actuator.   

    Add on a Stealth Boost Tester.

    Boost leaks can kill diesel engines. They cause higher EGTs, decrease your power, and lower fuel economy. Properly being able to test your entire charged air system is essential to getting peak performance and longevity out of your diesel engine. Charged air systems include everywhere from the turbocharger to the intake manifold. Your intercooler system, Exhaust Gas Recirculation components, and even the Turbocharger compressor cover can all develop boost leaks. This boost tester is exactly what you need if you work on diesel trucks regularly or just want to check the condition of your engine's charge system. Here's what you can get:

    • Heavy Duty Regulator
      • Extremely Accurate
      • Testes Entire Charge system
      • Precise control over test conditions
      • Easy to use and read
      • Premium parts built to last for a lifetime
      • High-quality seals
      • Liquid gauge prevents erratic readings
      • Metal construction
    • CNC Precision-Cut Adapter
      • Perfect Fitment
      • Clean look
      • Intelligent design
      • Made from high-quality materials 
      • Made and assembled in the USA

    Important Notice:

    This turbo uses a customized nozzle ring and/or shroud plate.  It’s been engineered to provide amazing response and performance. 

    This turbo must only be operated with tuning that uses stock Minimum and Maximum Vane Position tables. Failure to do so can lead to excessive exhaust pressure and boost which may shorten the life of the turbo or engine and may void the turbo warranty.

    Damage caused as a result of non-stock vane position tuning modifications will be the responsibility of the owner, not Calibrated Power Solutions Inc. If you have any questions or concerns please contact CPS at 815-568-7920.

    Warranty: All Stealth Series turbos offer our Unlimited Mile, 1-year manufacturer warranty for quality and craftsmanship. For warranty inquiries please contact sales@duramaxtuner.com

    View The Vehicle Emissions Testing Report: Click Here

    The L5P / L5D Stealth 67G2 Turbo by Duramaxtuner.com is specifically designed for the 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023 Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra 2500, 3500, 4500, 5500, and 6500 models as well as 2019+ International CV (Medium Duty) models. It replaces OEM Part #s 12709701044, 11547786, 12683985, 12689094