GM Vortec SPADE for Gas Powered Trucks

GM Vortec SPADE for Gas Powered Trucks

Vortec Gas Tuning (EFILive Engine ECM and Trans TCM files)

Proven Performance, Increased Efficiency and Crisper Shifts! 

Already have an EFILive V2 or SPADE unit, buy your tunes here! 

4.3L V6 | 5.0L V8 | 5.3L V8 | 5.7L V8 | 6.0L V8 | 6.2L V8 | 8.1L V8

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We use EFILive, a high powered calibration software along with our Mustang dyno to develop proven tunes to get the most out of your Vortec engine and transmission. This software gives us un-paralleled access to your engine and trans controller so that we can build highly refined tunes that maximize performance, efficiency, and most importantly - Driving Experience.

The big name H-tech and S-chips of the world add a few degrees of timing and call it a day.  NOT HERE.  They don't even have access to tune the late model transmission control modules.  

At we start with the appropriate stock files for your truck and make hundreds of adjustments with your trucks intended use in mind.  

Your tunes will be delivered to you via email within 24 hours of ordering.  Engine and transmission files included in price.