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What is a Box Tuner?

Box Tuners are generic foolers that trick your engine into making more power. Most often, they interrupt the signals sent from the ECM to components that impact power output. Sure, they can jack up the throttle sensitivity or throw more unmetered fuel into the engine but they lack refinement. Common complaints for box tuning customers revolve around increased smoke output, poor shift quality, and an overall lack of peak performance.

What is Custom Tuning?

Custom tuning involves your ECM being remapped or calibrated in a unique way. Our custom tuning is designed, tested, and developed in-house. We have the ability to write and edit the tables that control how your engine performs. This gives you the safest and most complete tuning. Factory monitors and safety measures are still fully intact while achieving higher levels of performance and a far superior driving experience. Add the power without adding smoke.

Reducing Smoke

Smoke is the result of unburnt fuel. If you see a common-rail diesel pickup blowing smoke while driving down the road that truck either has a mechanical problem, a bad tune, or a foolish owner. Running a custom tune from Calibrated Power ensures that you'll not only make more power but also be getting the best fuel efficancy you can get. No more wasting fuel because of a smoky tune. 

First Class Towing

Effect on Low RPM Range

Your truck makes gobs of torque at low RPM. That’s what diesel trucks are all about. Adding power to Low RPM range is an obvious advantage when you’re towing and need to lug up a long grade. That’s why we design our tuning tuning to maximize power and torque when and where you need it. Our towing spesific tunes maximize your low end torque to provide the best performance possible while towing. Calibrated Power Solutions’ custom tuning is going to change the way you see towing.

Don’t Delete!

No need to hack up your stock exhaust or fool around with other expensive emissions delete parts. We have taken the time to learn about how the emissions on your truck works and how it is effected by our custom tuning. Dont let your emissoins system stand in the way of being bale to make more power. Take advantage of our years of experience with emissions intact tuning and experince the serious performance gains possible with custom tuning.

Fuel Economy

Mixed driving can mean many different things to different people.  With that said, a single-wheel custom tuned truck can generally manage 1-3 MPG improvement on stock tires with a reasonable driver.  On the highway, MPG numbers as high as 23 MPG can be achieved at cruising speeds near 60MPH.  As speed increases past 70 MPH, mileage closer to 20/21 is the norm.  Colder temps will hurt mileage, especially if the truck is short-tripped.

Smoother Shifting

Unlike box tuners we can also modify the transmission controller. The TCM (transmission control module) relies on knowing how much power and torque your engine is making at any given speed or throttle input. For the smooth shifts, better power delivery and increased transmission durability take advantage of Transmission Tuning. This allows your transmission to be calibrated to the exact specs of your engine's performance.

Calibrating other Modifications

Our tuning is designed to account for things like modified injectors, upgraded CP3 pumps, aftermarket turbochargers, and other upgrades that help your diesel engine make more power. If they are properly tuned for they can even make more power without risking damage to your engine.  Calibrated Power Solutions has been tuning modified diesels since 2007 and has the experience and proper equipment (like our in-house chassis dyno) to dial your truck in just right.

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Diesel Tuning PFinder