Improve Your Daily Driving

Most of us commute back and forth to work with our diesel truck. Mixed driving scenarios make versatility extremely important. You need something that can get up and moving with ease, merge into traffic when you need it to, and still be able to hook up and pull a trailer on the weekend.  A smooth, linear, throttle curve matched to an increase in peak power as a result of custom tuning is going to transform the way you feel about driving your truck every day.

What is Drive-ability?

Drive-ability is an all-encompassing term that is likely better phrased as driver experience. Essentially, does the truck do what you expect it to do? When you mash the throttle a diesel should start to spool up, the turbo brake should work effortlessly, the transient throttle response should be smooth and logical.

How does it shift?

You power increase from tuning should be designed to work with the transmission you vehicle is equipped with. Diesel engines have a massive torque curve, your drive-ability factor comes in when it’s time to use that torque. A proper custom tuning will allow you to increase your power without sacrificing how your vehicle drives.

Acceleration, Passing, and Throttle Response

Sure, you want your truck to be snappy off the line. However, you’re not building a race truck. You just want the power to come one when you need it the most. Jumping out to pass someone on the highway is the perfect example of when custom tuning can be clearly noticed in the real world. With a the proper custom tuning you will notice your truck feels lighter and more responsive.


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