Duramaxtuner.com runs a state of the art tuning facility. If you are looking for a tuning professional that has the skill, experience, and facility for the most daunting jobs, then we can satisfy your needs. Our dyno facility is a one of a kind facility that offers a variety of real life replication tests. This dyno is equipped with three K400 power absorbers as well as rollers that can accommodate any light duty wheelbase in two-wheel drive or four-wheel drive. This setup allows tests ranging from diagnostics to all out 4wd race tests incorporating boosted launches, and even sled pull simulations.

With this dyno, we can use our knowledge and existing test profiles to design a test that specifically meets your needs.
Our goal is to provide clear, repeatable, real world results. Call us to schedule an appointment.



4WD Dyno Specifications

  • 86"-170" Wheelbase
  • 108" Outside Track
  • 7 Front Rollers
  • (3) K400 Eddy Brakes
  • 4WD Drag Simulations
  • Loaded Power Tests

How to Schedule an Appointment

When you're ready, give us a call to schedule your dyno session. We'd love to have you here.
(815) 568-7920