LB7 3 inch High Flow  Downpipe

LB7 3 inch High Flow Downpipe

LLY S&B Intake Elbow

LLY S&B Intake Elbow

High Flow Exhaust Manifolds and Up-pipes

Efficiently Move Hot Exhaust through the system. Prevent Leaks!

High Flow Cast Iron Exhaust Manifolds and 2" Stainless Steel Up-Pipes

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Heat and pressure are your best friend when you can direct them effectively on the turbine. The drive the turbocharger, making boost and putting your truck in it's happy place. Factory up-pipes and manifolds become a choke point at higher power levels. They don't allow the exhaust to do it's job, instead causing heat and pressure to build up before the turbocharger. This causes excessively high exhaust temperatures and robs your truck of it's power potential. Eventually the factory up-pipes will fail under high horsepower use - causing exhaust leaks and leaving you with a poor running, smelly mess. High Flow Manifolds with 2 Inch stainless up-pipes with heavy duty bellows efficiently usher exhaust and prevent exhaust leaks. A must for high horsepower and competition applications!