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Will tuning hurt reliability?

High-quality, custom tuning will not hurt or cost you reliability. The factory built in plenty of overhead for you to take advantage of. Custom tuning is really giving you the power and performance you wanted when you first bought the truck. Our decades of collective experience with diesel performance along with our rigorous testing and validation process means you can drive with peace of mind.

Does tuning void the warranty?

Any tuner that is not sold by the OEM can void your warranty. That being said, all of our tuning retains the factory emissions equipment and calibrations can always be returned to stock.

Can custom tuning improve reliability?

On platforms such as 2011-2016, LML Duramax custom tuning can actually increase your reliability. Our SMART EGT Control feature uses factory sensors to monitor the temperature of exhaust gas and manipulate the fuel system in order to keep your truck running in the safest possible operating range.

How can I keep my diesel safe?

Custom-tuned trucks should still maintain their regular maintenance schedule. Regular oil changes, boost leak tests, fluid checks, and other essential PM’s should be done just before and again just after installing custom tuning. This will ensure you're getting the most performance and reliability out of your truck.

What kills diesel engines?

Bad fuel, a poor air-to-fuel ratio, and general abuse kill diesel engines. If you stomp on the skinny pedal at every green light, do burnouts every weekend, and don’t mind skipping an oil change here and there, catastrophe is likely on its way for your truck.


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Diesel Tuning PFinder