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Light vs Heavy Towing

Light towing is anything less than 8000 lbs.  This will often be boats, small trailers, quads and other recreational vehicles.  Heavy towing is anything between 8000 lbs. and your vehicle’s Gross Vehicle Weight rating. The reasoning for splitting these activities up is all about keeping your truck safe. The Light Tow options give you a little more power because we assume your truck will be under less stress and can afford a little more power without creating unnecessary heat. Heavy tow tunes dial the peak power back while still giving you that low end diesel torque you love.

Gain Power Towing on Inclines

If you have ever been loaded down to the max and trying to pull up a nasty grade you know what a little extra power can do. You want your truck to use that low end toque and lug. Custom tuning gives your truck a safe increase in power so you can pull your trailer up inclines with ease.

MPGs and Towing

MPGs while towing is largely impacted by factors outside of tuning. Things like aerodynamics of the trailer, tire pressure, engine health and other factors weigh-in much more than tuning calibrations. However, the best results in MPG gains while towing come from the driver who can find a speed that allows them to shift up and throttle back. The extra power added from custom tuning can give you the torque needed to pull in a higher gear, thereby giving you the ability to do the same job with less RPM.


Exhaust Braking

An exhaust brake allows you to use exhaust energy to slow down your engine and truck. Variable Vane Turbo (VVT) and Variable Geometry Turbo (VGT) technology gives your diesel a built in exhaust brake. Calibrated Power Solutions custom tuning will never impede on this function. Our calibrations for the 2004.5-2010 6.6L Duramax actually activate it (it was not built into these trucks from the factory).

Heat vs Emissions Equipment

2007.5 and newer diesel trucks came with DPFs from the factory. The DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) is a muffler shaped hardware built directly in your trucks exhaust system. It works by first trapping the smoke (or Particulate Matter) in the filter and then using the heat in your exhaust to burn it off. If your truck is not naturally producing enough heat to burn off the soot (a.k.a passive regen) extra fuel will be introduced directly to your exhaust (a.k.a. active regen) and react with the DOC (Diesel Oxidation Catalyst) to create more heat in your exhaust. When towing a noticeable load your truck may be creating enough heat to use the passive regen method more often. If you are watching EGTs (Exhaust Gas Temperatures) closely you will notice higher numbers in a DPF equipped truck than in a counterpart missing the emissions equipment.


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Keeping it Safe

All of our towing tunes are built to keep you truck safe while increasing your performance. Our tuning utilizes the factory safety monitoring and in some cases (such as the LML) even adds features like SMART EGT control for your safety.

Experts in Towing

Calibrated Power Solutions has been designing, testing and selling tuning to optimize towing for diesel pickup trucks since 2007.  Performance during towing is the biggest practical reason for custom engine tuning and why we focus on solving your towing issues.

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