HE300VG Stealth STR Turbo (2019-2024)

HE300VG Stealth STR Turbo (2019-2024)

Cummins 6.7L Stealth STR (2013-2018) HE300VG

Cummins 6.7L Stealth STR (2013-2018) HE300VG

HE300VG Stealth Mach 1 (64) Turbo [2019-2024]

The HE300VG Stealth Mach 1 64 for 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023 and 2024 6.7L Cummins CME is the perfect balance of power, drivability, and reliability. With an upgraded compressor wheel, turbine, and variable geometry nozzle assembly this turbo has the ability to move 30% more air through it than stock. All while providing a better drive/boost pressure ratio than the stock charger. This means not only do you get more power, you also get an extremely fast spool up, comparable to that of the stock charger. If you tow or haul heavy loads on a regular basis this is the turbo for you. Quick spool up means taking off from stops is a breeze and the ability to retain your factory exhaust brake makes braking easier and saves your brake pads. Plus our upgraded turbine wheel and HFV technology help to lower EGTs which gives you even more confidence when towing a heavy load up a steep grade. To top it all off this turbo comes with a brand new genuine HE300vg Holset actuator to ensure proper operation. 

The Stealth Mach 1 64 HE300VG has undergone testing to demonstrate that it complies with federal emissions regulations. This testing provides the reasonable basis required by the standards defined by the EPA. Here you can find a PDF which documents this testing.

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HE300VG Stealth Mach 1 (64) Turbo [2019-2024]
HE300VG Stealth Mach 1 (64) Turbo [2019-2024]

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    Cummins 6.7L Stealth Mach 1 Turbo Featuring HFV (High Flow Vane) Technology!

    • Airflow to Support up to 700+ RWHP
      • Tested up to 600 RWHP with stock emissions equipment and tuning
      • 30% more airflow available compared to stock
      • 41+psi boost capable at sea level
    • Custom Billet Compressor Wheel
      • 64mm, 11-Blade Wheel eliminates surge while towing
      • Made from the highest quality 7075 Aluminum
      • Tow without any risk of surge (even while lugging)
      • Lightweight and high strength
      • Expertly balanced to ensure longevity
    • Custom Oversized Turbine Wheel
      • 25% larger inducers 
      • 30% Larger exducers
      • Custom higher efficiency blade design  
      • Low drive pressures at high load
      • Better EGT control and lower EGT's
      • Distinct Stealth exhaust sound
    • HFV (High Flow Vane) Technology
      • Only found in select Stealth turbochargers
      • Custom, billet vanes and nozzle ring assembly
      • Exclusive design produced in-house specific to this application
      • Taller and wider vanes match larger turbine to provide superior high-load efficiency
      • Retain factory exhaust brake and quick throttle response
    • Brand New Parts and Electronics
      • Most reliable actuator available
      • More robust than the He351ve actuator
      • No sending back the stock failed actuator
      • Pre-Calibrated and no tuning required
      • 100% Genuine He300vg Holset actuator
      • No Core Charges

    This Turbo is Designed For You If You...

    • Want a turbo that's manufactured in the USA
    • Want superior towing performance
    • Want to make more power and still retain a quick spool up
    • Daily drive your truck
    • Want more power when you need it, but still want excellent street-ability
    • Just want to replace your stock turbo with something more durable and offers better performance 


    Add On A Stealth Boost Tester!

    Boost leaks are one of the leading causes of poor diesel engine operation and even failure! They cause higher EGTs, decrease your power, and lower fuel economy. Properly being able to test your entire charged air system is essential to getting peak performance and longevity out of your diesel engine. Charged air systems include everywhere from the turbocharger to the intake manifold. Your intercooler system, Exhaust Gas Recirculation components, and even the Turbocharger compressor cover can all develop boost leaks. This boost tester is exactly what you need if you work on diesel trucks regularly or just want to check the condition of your engine's charge system. Here's what you can get:

    • Heavy Duty Regulator
      • Extremely Accurate
      • Testes Entire Charge system
      • Precise control over test conditions
      • Easy to use and read
      • Premium parts built to last for a lifetime
      • High-quality seals
      • Liquid gauge prevents erratic readings
      • Metal construction
    • CNC Precision-Cut Adapter
      • Perfect Fitment
      • Clean look
      • Intelligent design
      • Made from high-quality materials 
      • Made and assembled in the USA

    The Stealth Mach 1 64 Turbo for Cummins 6.7L CME by Duramaxtuner.com is specifically designed for the 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023 and 2024 RAM 2500 and 3500 models. It replaces OEM Part #s 68444771AA, 68444771AB, HE300VG



    * We are proud to offer our 1-year Stealth Warranty.

    * 49 State legal basis tested and approved.  

    * Not for sale in the state of California.


    * Prop 65WARNING: Cancer & Reproductive Harm - P65Warnings.ca.gov