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Why Upgrade vs Replace?

Carbon build-up from Engine Gas Recirculation (EGR), poor lubrication or contamination, blocked or leaking pipes or driving habits (driven hard at high speeds) might require you to replace your stock turbo. But upgrading will increase the maximum horsepower attainable with custom tuning.

Larger Turbine Wheel, More Air, More Power

Our Stealth 64 and Stealth 67G2 Turbos draw more air mass into the cylinders, allowing more fuel to mix at the same ratio. More fuel combusting means more power produced. The bigger the turbine, the more power produced.

64 vs 67G2 - Is Bigger Better

The larger turbine produces even more airflow, but you trade off some low-speed spool-up for high-end performance. If you’re towing heavy or on inclines, the smaller turbo may be a better choice. If you’re looking for top-end horsepower, the 67G2 is for you.


Manages Exhaust Gass Temperatures (EGTs)

More cold airflow into your engine lowers exhaust temperatures, and this may increase the life of your engine.

Quicker "Spool up"

Less space between the turbine wheel and housing means less time for the wheel to start moving. Your truck will feel more responsive.

Wilder Torque in the Lower RPM Range

You’ll especially notice this when towing. I can’t really explain this despite my copious notes – need help


How Much Horsepower Will I Gain?

LB7 2001-2004 640 RWHP 800 RWHP
LLY 2004.5-2005 650 RWHP 800 RWHP
LBZ 2006-2007 650 RWHP 800 RWHP
LMM 2007.5-2010 650 RWHP 800 RWHP
LML 2011-2016 650 RWHP 800 RWHP
L5P 2017-2019 650 RWHP 800 RWHP
L5P 2020-2021 650 RWHP 800 RWHP
Cummins 2003-2007 700 RWHP 800 RWHP
Cummins 2007.5-2009 700 RWHP N/A
Cummins 2010-2012 700 RWHP N/A
Cummins 2013-2018 700 RWHP N/A

The Whistle! The Feeling!

Stealth Turbos produce that amazing whistle you’re looking for – just have a listen to how it will sound – this video allows you to hear the Stealth turbo starting with the LB7 and working up to the LML. Combined with our custom tuning, you’ll get more power and force pushing you back in the seat on acceleration.

Easy to Install

Drop-In turbo fits exactly where your stock turbo does with no special modifications. Easy installation means less cost.

Warranty / Reputation

Calibrated Power Systems, home of is the leader in custom turning and turbo upgrades. Our standard 1-year warranty and reputation stand for itself. Read more about our Stealth Turbo Warranty HERE.

Worth the Extra $$ over Stock Replacement

For all the reasons above, don’t just replace your stock turbo. Upgrade it! More peak power. Wide torque curve when combined with our custom tuning. More responsive. Manage EGTs. And the WHISTLE!

Have More Questions? We've Got Answers.

Call Us weekdays from 8am til 6pm. We’re happy to answer all your questions and explain how our turbo upgrades fit with tuning, including 50 state tuning.

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