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Stealth STR Turbo Line

Price, Power, and Reliability.

Stealth Series Boost Tester Kits

Don't Let A Boost Leaks Lower Your Performance! 


Built Transmission Benefits

Our Allison Built Transmissions for Duramax trucks offer more power delivered more reliably. Here's how!

Emissions Intact vs 50 State Tuning

Learn about our 'no delete' tunes leaving your emissions system intact, and how to tune your truck and be compliant with regulations in your state.

Box Tuners vs Custom Tuning

Cheap box tuners are no comparison to our custom tuning when it comes to shifting and smoke reduction. There's a difference!


MPGs and Tuning

Get more from your truck's engine with our custom tuning while optimizing fuel economy.

Injector - Upgrading vs Replacing

Find out the right injector power level for your driving needs, current and future engine modification plan.

Drivability Defined

Our tuning improves 'drive-ability'. Explore what improved drive-ability means to you.


Reliability Defined

Find out how our custom tuning improves your truck's reliability under different driving conditions, and why it's important.

Daily Driving - More Fun

Aside from all the measurable benefits of our tuning, it's just a lot more fun to drive your truck compared to factory settings!

Transmission Tuning Benefits

Improve the smoothness of your shifting and the life of your transmission with our custom tuning.